‘The Pigeon’s Rule’ is conconted by me, Juan MejΓ­as from Jerez, Spain. I come from a family that includes three siblings, one nephew, an estimated 723 uncles and aunts, and twice as many cousins. I’m also on the verge of getting married and living happily everafter, which may somewhat affect my comic-writing performance. Mission accomplished, and I can still write comics! I’ll keep you posted on new developments!

I have a formal training as an Industrial Engineer, which I acquired in Valencia (Spain), Stockholm (Sweden) and New Jersey (US), and which allows me to draw really neat screws. Q.E.D. >

After a three-year stint at a cutting-edge museum-designing and -building company, I decided to have a go at my greatest passion, comics.

Being an engineer, I draw perfectly neat screws.

Besides comics and webcomics, I also enjoy Literature, Ilustration, mechanisms, Cinema, and herrings (as a concept).

Don't like eating herrings, either.

                      Against all evidence, I'm not that fond of LSD.

To contact me, you can drop a few lines to Pigeons' Rule email .