The Flying Sausage Revolution day, that’s how today will go down in History Books. Ain’t that something?

The name of our little competition’s winner was due today, and we won’t desappoint you! After extensive deliberations, mainly consisting of picking a piece of paper from a bunch of them (and not such large bunch, at that), we declare Mr Tom Sexton to be the lucky winner!

Tom, if you read this, please give me an address for me to send the signed strip to. I’ll send you an email asking, in any case.

The location of the Easter Egg was, most logically, the egg coming out of our friendly pigeon mascot up there at the top right of the page. Go try it if you don’t believe me. Come on, try it. Click away.

If you are not Tom and your hunger for strips has been left unfulfilled, you may want to consider taking advantadge of our Xmas offer: for the entire holidays, strips will cost a mere 5,95€ (+SC), instead of the usual 9,95€, and they can bear any dedication you choose, plus a sketch, if you wish.

Simply click on the “BUY a print” link next to any of the strips, or else send me an email to email address .

Otherwise, we’ll always have facebook